2021 MFA, Tyler School of Art at Temple University
2008 BFA, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Studio for Interrelated Media

2017 You Can't Bury Me, I'm Already Underground. Museum of Arts and Design, NY, NY.
2017 TYFYS. Dirt Palace, Providence RI.

2018 Under a Dismal Boston Skyline. Boston University Stone Gallery Annex, Boston MA.
2018 Code-Stitch: Resistance in Apparel. How's Howard, Boston, MA.
2017 Caught in a Dream. Dorchester Art Project, Dorchester MA.
2017 Ladyfest Art Auction. Aviary Gallery, Boston MA.
2016 Standing Rock Benefit Auction. Distillery Gallery, Boston MA.
2016 HOMESPUN (curator). Bardo Gallery, Cambridge MA.
2016 Palatial P'leasures: Melanie Bernier, Peaches Goodrich and Ali White. Distillery Gallery, Boston MA.
2016 Parts Unknown. Aviary Gallery, Boston MA.
2016 Series_: Artshow And Zine Celebrating Ten Years Of Creative Projects by Bodega. Unuin, Somerville, MA.
2016 Yard Sale. Carroll and Sons Gallery, Boston MA. 
2016 Cambridge Arts Association National Prize Show. University Place Gallery, Cambridge MA.
2016 Wish You Were There. Distillery Gallery, Boston MA.
2014 I've Been Everywhere, Man: Stories from the Road. Nave Gallery Annex, Somerville MA. 
2014 GLVBXAOTM. Voltage Art, Cambridge MA. 
2013 The Wayside. The Wayside, Miami Beach, FL. 
2013 RE:FORM. C24 Gallery, NY NY.
2012 Fly Over the City. Uncle Crummy's, Allston MA. 
2011 Rock 'n' Roll Vortex. Montserrat School of Art's Frame 301 Gallery, Beverly MA. 
2010 Rainbowbomb. MEME Gallery, Cambridge MA. 

2019 Feels Funny, Boston Cream. EP.
2018 Mine, Boston Cream. KLYAM Records. EP.
2017 Bloom, Boston Cream. Single.
2017 Rubaluvnub, Boston Cream. Single.
2017 Dancin' In The Wrong Shoes, Boston Cream. Single.
2016 Satan Is On The Way, Boston Cream. Single.
2016 Barbazonia, the Barbazons. EP.
2015 House of the Rising Fuzz, the Barbazons & various artists. Compilation LP.
2015 Avec Plaisir, the Barbazons. KLYAM Records. LP.
2014 Live From Your Dreams, We're . . . the Electric Street Queens. KLYAM Records. LP. 
2014 Brew Cassingle, the Electric Street Queens. Single. 
2013 Tour Split, the Fagettes & Nice Guys. Split EP.
2013 Gonna Die Out Here, the Fagettes. Single. 
2012 If I See Him Again…, the Fagettes. Rock Slop Records. EP.
2012 Savage Young Fagettes: Volumes 1 + 2, the Fagettes. Stimulation Addict Records. LP. 
2011 Volume 2, the Fagettes. EP. 
2011 Live on WMBR, the Fagettes. LP. 
2011 Volume 1, the Fagettes. EP. 

2015 - 2018 Punk Rock Aerobics
2018 A Christmas Carol. Director Art Hennessey. Salem MA.
2018 Elevator Eyes. Directors M. Bernier, Peach S. Goodrich.
2016 National Geographic. Directors Peach S. Goodrich and Kerry Roan.
2015 Don't Drink the Devil's Blood. Director Caitlin Roy.
2015 Love Between the Covers. Director Laurie Kahn-Leavitt.
2014 On Drugs. Director Peach S. Goodrich.
2014 The Mayor of Rock 'n' Roll. Director Brendan Boogie.
2013 Nautical Nymphs. Director Ali White.
2012 When I'm With You. Director Peach S. Goodrich.

2019 Trash is Tragic: The WTF World of Bioplastics. Boston Hassle.
2018 Trash is Tragic: How to Fux with Climate Change by Reducing Food Waste. Boston Hassle.
2018 Trash is Tragic: A Zero-Waste Guide to Moving, or, How a Student Could Stop Being an Unforgivable Trash Pod for One Fucking Day. Boston Hassle.
2018 Trash is Tragic: How to Kick Plastic Waste in the Dick. Boston Hassle.
2018 Trash is Tragic: Zero Waste Kitchen. Boston Hassle.
2018 Trash is Tragic: Zero Waste Grocery Shoppin’. Boston Hassle.
2015 Goodbye, Fagettes. Boston Hassle.

2018 Crosstown Arts Artist-in-Residence. Memphis, TN.
2017 New Craft Artists in Action x Queer Sport Split collaboration. Split, Croatia.
2016 Ox-Bow School of Art Artist-in-Residence. Saugatuck, MI.
2008 Special Projects Grant, Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
2007 Best in Show, the All-School Show. Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

2018 Studio for Interrelated Media Alumni & Founders Day. Mass. College of Art and Design, Boston MA.
2017  Denim Decorating Party. Museum of Arts and Design, NY, NY.

2013 Fagettes/Nice Guys East Coast Tour
2012 Fagettes US Tour
2011 Fagettes/Rotten Apples West Coast Tour

2018 Art in America: “Under a Dismal Boston Skyline.” 1 November.
2017 Vice Creators: “Vinyl Joints and Spliff Packs Envision the Future of Weed Legalization”, Andrew Nunes. 20 April.
2016 WCVB TV Boston: “Chronicle: Music Makers,” Maggie Halpern. 22 January.
2015 WBUR: “With These Flags We Remember Underground Rock Venues That Died Too Soon,” Amelia Mason. 19 November. 
2015 “A local artist stitches flags to honor Boston’s lost underground music venues,” Perry Eaton. 9 November.
2015 Improper Bostonian: “Sound Check,” Paul Robicheau. June.
2015 WBUR: “Meet The Barbazons—Formerly Surf Rock Showgirls, 'Now We're Just Weirdos,’” Amelia Mason. 23 April.
2015 Louder Than War: “Censorship: A Band By Any Other Name,” Lawrence Gjurgevich. 23 March.
2014 Creative Time Reports: “Celebrating 4/20 with 13 Ways of Looking at Cannabis,” Editors.18 April.
2013 Glovebox: “Interview with Melanie Bernier,” Jodie Baehre. June. 

2016 - 19 Executive Director, the Professional Arts Consortium, Boston MA.
2014 - 16 Program Manager, the Professional Arts Consortium, Boston MA.
2012 - 14 Online and Marketing Manager, Gateway Arts, Brookline MA.
2010 - 12 Studio Facilitator, Gateway Arts, Brookline MA.
2006 - 07 Canvasser, MassEquality (for marriage equality), Boston MA.