2013 - 2016
Second-hand denim & leather, wool, canvas, tencel, thread, bugle beads, suminagashi on denim, silkscreen on denim, snaps.
All are hand-sewn. 

In 2012, the City of Boston issued a prohibitive "nuisance ordinance" aimed at shuttering underground art and music venues in the Allston neighborhood. "Thank You For Your Service" (2013 - 2016) is a series of hand-sewn flags memorializing private residences where music and art events were hosted, and whose tenants were charged with fees, eviction, or legal action as a result of the ordinance.

Each flag features the name of the "show house" and the street where it was located. However, because so many houses continue to close, a final seventh flag was created as a general memorial. The message, "you can't bury me, I'm already underground" speaks to the resistant spirit of these venues, which will continue to pop up as we adapt to political pressure, gentrification, and safety concerns in the wake of Ghost Ship.

Recently, these flags have been exhibited at the Museum of Arts in Design in NYC and Boston University, and reviewed in Art in America.

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