Melanie Bernier, Ryan Connelly, Peach S Goodrich, Joe Marrett, Nicholas Ward


2018 Mine, Boston Cream. EP.
2017 Bloom, Boston Cream. Single.
2017 Rubaluvnub, Boston Cream. Single.
2017 Dancin' In The Wrong Shoes, Boston Cream. Single.
2016 Satan Is On The Way, Boston Cream. Single.

Album art by M. Bernier and Peach S. Goodrich

Boston Cream

EP Release Date: May 4, 2018
Download Price: $5
Instagram: @bostoncreamdream

Boston Cream is pleased to announce MINE, a 5-song EP of disco punk. Accompanying the May 5 release is a music video for Elevator Eyes, created by band members Melanie Bernier and Peach S. Goodrich, with cinematography by Natalie Minik.

The EP's first three tracks run seamlessly together, a variable march on the theme of frustration. Elevator Eyes addresses the dehumanizing experience of being assessed for fuckability by strangers on the street. Bernier's bare vocal appeal contains a frank and collected authority - the fantasy of a confrontation handled well. Ward and Marrett's circling guitars in Nightlight mirror the motion of a panicked mind, creating a suitable atmosphere for Bernier's confession of anxiety that arrives with the quiet of night. Pleasant vocal melodies from Bernier and Goodrich are offset by violent imagery, expressing how psychic violence can be outwardly repressed. Clogged Sinks laments that the stench of jammed pipes, both material and metaphorical, stains our perceptions with negativity. Interplay between the banal and existential reflect the thoughtful humor of bassist Marrett, whose lyrics are featured. Two previously released singles round out the EP; Bloom, written by Bernier after attending the Women's March on DC in 2017, and Rubaluvnub, a dark disco meditation. Taken together, the EP expresses an undeniable belief in the redemption of blowing your whistle and getting down.

Premiering alongside MINE is the band's first music video. Elevator Eyes begins with a voyeuristic view of a walking woman; after being confronted by so many unsettling eyes, we shift perspective (and affinity) to align with her. The woman's methodical undressing while marching to the beat is a strange assertion of her power; in a culture where music video nudity is the reserve of defined, manicured bodies, there's defiance in a rounded stomach above full-frontal bush. Like street harassment, the ideal of female bodily "perfection" says much about power dynamics and little about desire.

The creation of this EP and music video was exclusively aided by Boston-based artists, including Spenser Gralla (Creaturos, Doomstar), Natalie Minik, Jeremy Mendocino (Pretty & Nice), Zoë Sundra, Ana Karina DeCosta (28 Degrees Taurus), Nina and Laura Ganci (American Echoes), and Katrine Burkitt.


MINE, 2018
All songs written by Boston Cream
Boston Cream is: Melanie Bernier, Ryan Connelly, Peach S. Goodrich, Joe Marrett, Nicholas Ward
Featuring Bloom vocals by Ana Karina DeCosta, Alyssa "Nina" Ganci, Laura Ganci, Zoë Sundra
Produced by Spenser Gralla and Boston Cream
Recorded and mixed by Spenser Gralla
Mastered by Jeremy Mendocino
Album art by Melanie Bernier and Peach S. Goodrich
Elevator Eyes music video created by Melanie Bernier and Peach S. Goodrich, Cinematographer Natalie Minik, featuring Melanie Bernier, Zoe Sundra, Ana Karina DeCosta, Katrine Burkitt

Elevator Eyes, 2018
Written, created, co-directed ,and produced by Melanie Bernier
Lighting design and co-directed by Peach S. Goodrich
Cinematography by Natalie Minik
Performers: Melanie Bernier, Zoë Sundra, Katrine Burkitt, and Ana Karina DaCosta

Live on SCATV's Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party, 2017