October 21 - 23, 2016
A house gallery project by M. Bernier, Dory Dinoto, and Becca Smith

A desire for inclusive, artist-run DIY spaces around Boston led Bernier, Dinoto, and Smith to organize a weekend gallery pop-up at Smith's house. Below is documentation of the space we dubbed "Bardo."

Photos and postcard by Dory Dinoto


Saturday, October 22, 12 - 5pm
Sunday, October 23, 12 - 7pm
Opening Reception Friday, October 21, 7 - 10 pm
Artist Talk and Potluck Sunday, October 23, 4 - 7 pm

Home is simple notion, yet the individual experience of "home" varies in complex and telling ways. HOMESPUN is an exhibition of artwork exploring different interpretations of where, or what, home is.

HOMESPUN is the pilot exhibition of Bardo Gallery, an artist-run residential space in Cambridge, MA. Nestled between a church and a funeral home, Bardo offers an intimate, community-oriented approach to art and performance exhibition. Curated by Melanie Bernier, Dory Dinoto, and Rebecca Smith

Featuring work by:
Miranda Aisling
Nathalie Baudrand
William Chambers
River Cortes
Chelsea Darling
Dory Dinoto
Danielle Freiman
Ben Gebo
Nate Haduch
Annika Hansche
Zachariah Kopchak
Jaclyn Levy
Dirt Lux
Emily Manning-Mingle
Ryn Marchese
Liz Morlock
Ashley Normal
Chelsea Revelle
Danielle Rives
Sarah Schade
Jack Schneider
Becca Smith