Melanie Bernier is a multidisciplinary artist living in the Boston area. Approaching all work with intention and creativity - from the domestic to day job to studio - she seeks to blur the line between art practice, activism, and everyday life. Her preferred mediums include second-hand clothes and fibers, music, writing, trash, performance, aerobics, and social practice. Punk and DIY principles are deeply embedded in all of it . . . for better or worse.

Bernier’s band Boston Cream performs regularly throughout New England. Trash is Tragic, her column about zero-waste living, is published monthly in the Boston Hassle and Counter Culture Compass.

Her work has been used to raise funds for NoDAPL, Planned Parenthood, Ladyfest Boston, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and Girls Rock Campaign Boston. Her non-profit work includes canvassing for marriage equality, working for artists with disabilities, and opening pathways to higher education for Boston Public School students.

She stopped making trash in 2013.

Photo: Madison McConkey