Melanie Bernier is an artist and activist working in fibers, music, performance, and aerobics. An involvement in underground culture influences her artwork and projects, including Punk Rock Aerobics, an alternative fitness class, and Boston Cream, a disco punk band. Recently, her series of flags memorializing shuttered "show houses" in Allston has been shown at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. Bernier currently resides in Cambridge, MA. She stopped making trash in 2013.

Bernier's work has been shown in NYC, Miami, the Greater Boston Area, and featured in Papercut MagazineStrangewaysCreative Time Reports, NPR, and 99% Invisible. Bernier has performed in dozens of U.S. cities with her bands, including NYC, Brooklyn, LA, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Boston. Her music projects have been featured in Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll, NPR, Impose Magazine, and VICELAND's skate show King of the Road. Essays she's written have appeared in the Boston Hassle and the Advocate. Bernier has acted in films such as Love Between the Covers, Nautical Nymphs, and Don't Drink the Devil's Blood. Her work has been used to raise funds for tribal resistance of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Planned Parenthood, Ladyfest Boston, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and Girls Rock Campaign Boston. Additionally, she has worked for organizations benefiting artists with disabilities and advocating for marriage equality. 


Performing at Thieve's Grotto, November 2015.