Working from a background in activism and DIY music culture, my practice attends to issues of politics, the mind, and the body with a spirit of resistance. I use the work to challenge common cultural assumptions about subjects including: trash/disposability, beauty, gender, health, and community. Second hand clothes, trash, performance, aerobics, music, and social practice are among my preferred mediums. Working across them provides a fluidity of expression; one will influence my approach to the others.

Recently, a series of flags memorializing shuttered "show houses" in Allston was exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. My work has been shown in Miami, the Greater Boston Area, and featured in Papercut MagazineStrangewaysCreative Time Reports, NPR, and 99% Invisible. Since 2011, I've performed nationwide with bands Boston Cream, the Barbazons, and the Electric Street Queens. My music projects have appeared in Maximum Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll, NPR, Impose Magazine, and VICELAND's King of the Road. Acting credits include parts in Love Between the Covers, Nautical Nymphs, and Don't Drink the Devil's Blood. My work has been used to raise funds for NoDAPL, Planned Parenthood, Ladyfest Boston, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and Girls Rock Campaign Boston. I've done non-profit and advocacy work for artists with disabilities and marriage equality. 

I currently reside in Cambridge, MA. I stopped making trash in 2013.

Photo: Madison McConkey