Photo: Madison McConkey

Activism is a gross bulging vein, feeding the ideas, mediums, and attitudes present in my multi-disciplinary work. The activism can be overt and covert. It is masked in the meditative work of embroidery; in repurposing material from the overwhelming abundance of thrift stores; in an “unbecoming” performance. Wiggling among the water pipes, I swing from the ceiling of your basement. I am not sorry. Writing, singing, stitching - each occasion celebrates the attendance of hand and body. By inviting others to witness the potential of the human scale, I hope they will uncover agency in their own person-sized strength. Find a way out.

I’m the front woman and founder of disco punk band Boston Cream, and perform regularly as a singer, actor, and Punk Rock Aerobics instructor. Trash is Tragic, my column about zero-waste living and the climate crisis, is published monthly in the Boston Hassle and Boston Compass.

I’m an active member of Extinction Rebellion. My work has been used to raise funds for NoDAPL, Planned Parenthood, Ladyfest Boston, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and Girls Rock Campaign Boston. My non-profit work includes canvassing for marriage equality, working for artists with disabilities, and opening pathways to higher education for Boston Public School students.

I stopped making trash in 2013.